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Dental Implantation are anchored into the bone and are designed to act as a support and to replace a lost root. Implantologist in Mulund

Dental Implantation can be used to support a number of dental prosthesis, including crowns, implant supported bridges, or dentures.

Dr Aditi Agrawal has received a fellowship certificate from a well-known Nobel BioCare Implant Program which is famous for Immediate Loading and Delayed Loading. She has an excellent experience in carrying out the numerous cases of Implants in the patients. Based on case to case basis, she can carry out the Implant in single sitting.
Ivory Dental Clinic offer best price affordable budget inexpensive low cost of high quality Dental Implantation treatment procedures.

You may be advised a dental implant in the following scenarios, if all the prerequisites are met:
  • When you’re missing single or multiple teeth
  • To remove and replace damaged teeth
  • If the bridge between healthy teeth needs additional support
  • When all the teeth from the upper or lower jaw are missing
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