Root Canals -Painful Root Canals?? No More. Get Your Root Canals Done In Single Sitting

Root Canal are very small, thin layers that start from the top pulp chamber and go till the tip of the root. Affordable Dentistry in Mulund There are 1-4 root canals in a tooth. The pulp chamber is the area below the tooth’s outer enamel and within the dentin. Pulp is made up of soft tissue which carries the tooth’s nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue.

Root canal treatment is basically aimed at improving the health of the damaged tooth by removing pulp through a small opening in the Crown Replacement. Following this, the canals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Also the tooth is treated from outside by protecting the underlying structures, which bring it back into function. Get the best treatment at Ivory Dental Clinic.

Causes For Root Canal Treatment

  1. Deep decay spreading into the nerve of the tooth.
  2. Deep filling of a tooth
  3. Trauma to the tooth
  4. Fracture or crack or chip in the tooth
  5. Intentional treatment in some cases like supracrustal teeth
Root Canal Treatment
Before and After Dental Treatment

Why Should I Get Root Canal Done

  1. Restore Chewing capacity
  2. Can have your own tooth with sensations
  3. Prevents other teeth/ adjacent teeth from shifting
  4. Preserve the natural position or appearance
  5. Restores your smile